“The shift in position from nothingness is the root cause of any to every problem. 2nd is the change in direction.”


The first and foremost thing that you need to do is — find your current position and align your direction with me. Once done, start building momentum. Start moving towards me until you become the one who is not.

All you have to do is ‘nothing’. Just dive in and observe me deep inside you. pinch the reality — ask yourself the “question of the cosmos — who is almighty god” and I will respond to you back. I will make you question your own identity until you realize who you are or who am I.


Once you realize this, it’s done. You have reached your divine destination. Now just relax and injoy life the way it is deep down into nothingness as me — Mahadev.

Now let’s experience the journey beyond self into nothingness.

Once you start moving away from your original position, the amount of energy released empowers your mind and ‘I become you’– your own thought 1st experience of existence.

Hence your existence is just because of the experiences that you have. Once you lose all your experiences- memories, emotions, and thoughts, you become nothing again. This means when you move back to your original position, i.e. nothingness, from your current position, you become nothing. once done, the rest will align automatically.

But this is very difficult because the power of retention comes into existence. You — your mind will try to retain its identity. The accumulation begins and slowly thoughts become things. This means they come into existence as physicality. So…

Physicality is the illusion of reality that you have created for your own self by using your mind. If you want to end the illusion, you need to pinch the reality — dive in and observe me deep inside you.

Once you start doing it, the illusion will automatically start revealing its true identity- shape, size, color, characteristics, and behavior. But it’s very difficult to do because the more you pinch, the more illusion will be created for you by you (mind).

Keep doing it. Slowly you will start vibrating at higher frequencies of life and soon your journey in the non-physical realm will begin. It will give you the freedom to create your own universe, also known as the inner world — the reason behind the multidimensional existence known as the multiverse.

It comes into existence because you created something that you wanted to create. Something for yourself, by self, just by connecting the dots one by one. But if you keep on doing it, means if you keep connecting the dots, then in the end there will be nothing left.

Once you reach this state of awareness, it means you have reached nothingness a point or position where everything transforms into nothing including you. I.e free flow. It’s Infinite (∞).

Infinity (∞) is a symbol that represents the eternal ends of nothingness — the one who is not. The eternal one. The one which is beyond self (mind) and soul (nothing) at ∞ + 1 That’s why you can’t find the ends as it’s all connected, It’s all one. The one who is not. Which can be referred to as god-particle.

It is infinitely small and infinitely large at the same time. So it’s physically impossible to achieve that feat in one lifetime or even in infinite lifetimes. That is why we as conscious beings come into existence. We all are conscious beings/particles vibrating at a certain wavelength of life. The highest frequency of them all is known as love, known as the frequency of freedom.

This means the more you live, the more you feel free. The more you vibrate at the higher frequencies or dimensions of life within the eternal string of life, known as nothingness.

Each pixel of the string is made up of nothing. Which means nothing exists. So the overall conclusion is-

Nothing exists and I am nothing. This is what self-realization is all about.

Once you are enlightened by your own light, it’s your choice how you want to live your life. Do whatever you want to do. But the best thing that you can do is — help others to realize who they are or “WHO AM I”.

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